The Early Learning Fun School

  1. Please look over new tuition schedule. If tuition is not paid within 10 days a fine of $10.00 will be charged. No reduction in tuition will be allowed in the event of absence due to illness, vacations, inclement weather or any other reason. If you choose to withdraw your child you must give 30 days advance notice.
  2. Children should wear comfortable play clothes and removable articles of   clothing should be labeled. Warm clothes should be worn on cold days.
  3. A snack will be served daily. Parents may send in special snacks for birthdays, holidays, etc. Please let us know of any allergies.
  4. Children should arrive promptly at 9:30am/12:30pm; they will be dismissed at 12:30am/3:00pm. Late fees may be enforced for late pick up. Children will not be released to anyone other than parent/guardian unless a note is brought in or a phone call is made to the office.
  5. Parents are asked to use the tote bag given to the student to carry their artwork or important papers home.Parents are encouraged to share their talents in a variety of ways. Careers, avocations, and an extra set of hands and a smile are always welcome.
  6. We encourage field trips but will need parental assistance for chaperones, drivers, and organizers.
  7. Evaluations will be sent home in November and April.
  8. Student’s records are available for review by parents/guardians upon request and a written release must be signed if records are to be released to anyone else.
  9. We will follow the Montgomery County Public School schedule for holidays, snow, etc. In case of inclement weather, ELF will be closed if MCPS is closed. If MCPS opens 2 hours late, we will have afternoon classes only. Morning classes will be cancelled. If MCPS closes 2 hours late, ELF afternoon classes will be cancelled.
  10. If your child is sick, PLEASE do not send him or her. This includes runny noses.
  11. Any necessary medication must be administered at home unless required form is filled out by dctor. If a medical emergency occurs at school, the parent/guardian will be called first, then the child’s doctor.
  12. The parent/guardian upon admission to school must sign an emergency release form. The school will proceed with necessary medical procedures until the parent can be notified. All children must have necessary inoculations.
  13. Our school year runs from September 6, 2016 through May 26, 2017.

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